Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Planning for 2015 Begins!

On January 28 planning for the 2015 Nebraska Archaeology Month began with a meeting at the Bennett Martin Library in Lincoln. Representatives from the NSHS State Historic Preservation Office, Nebraska National Forest, Nebraska Archaeological Society, Midwest Archeological Center, NSHS Highway Archeology Division, and students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Anthropology Department met to establish priorities for this year.

Much of the meeting was spent reviewing lessons from last year for the new members of the group and brainstorming ideas for ways to build on our successes while correcting our missteps. Members of the Nebraska Association of Professional Archeologists Board let the group know that no new poster would be forthcoming this year. Approximately 700 copies remain of the poster that was unveiled last year. Copies of the poster will continue to be distributed through the 2015 Nebraska Archaeology Month.

 In addition, the committee decided to continue the general theme of Celebrate Nebraska Archaeology! This allows us to continue using the logo designed as part of the poster and allows free rein for events to be scheduled throughout the state without them fitting into a specialized set of topics. The mission statement and goals for the year will be reviewed and addressed at the upcoming meeting, in addition to status updates from committee members on potential events.

Several events for 2015 are already scheduled and we are working on updating the event list. We will once again be applying to the Governor’s Office for an official proclamation of September as Nebraska Archaeology Month. We will also have a table at the annual Nebraska Artifact Show in Seward on August 22. “Nebraska Archaeology” will be the theme of the September “Sunday with a Scientist” program at Nebraska Hall on September 20 and local NSHS archaeologists will be presenting the monthly Brown Bag Lunch lecture on September 17.

The committee is always looking for more members and assistance with planning and presenting events. If you’d like to attend a meeting, our next one will be held on Wednesday, February 18 at 1pm. We will be meeting at the NSHS Highway Archaeology Division’s office at 4851 S. 16th St in Lincoln. 

Remember to check back here or on our Facebook page for the latest on how to Celebrate Nebraska Archaeology Month in 2015!

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