Saturday, September 13, 2014

More events at Hudson-Meng!

It's Celebrate Nebraska Archaeology month and we're celebrating all across the state!  Check out this exciting event that's happening tomorrow at the Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center.

Tommorow night (Saturday at 5pm) join the Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center Rangers for a guided excursion to experience the famous Battle of Warbonnet. Also known as the “First Scalp for Custer,” the Battle of Warbonnet took place after Custer’s defeat at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Buffalo Bill Cody, scout for the Fort Robinson 5th Cavalry, took part in the skirmish, dueling a Cheyenne warrior. This duel later became the basis for Cody’s famous Wild West Show.

Alex Miller, Park Ranger, describes the battle as, “The end of the beginning for the Great Sioux Wars. The Battle of Warbonnet tells of a time of uncertainty. No one knew what was going to happen with the Wars. Everyone was just doing their best to come out on top.”

Hudson-Meng Park Rangers will show the site, recount its history, and will discuss how it was rediscovered after being lost from living memory.

This special two hour multi-media program is free and participants can meet at the Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center. The program will begin with a 20-minute introduction to the Battle of Warbonnet at the facility. Visitors will then follow a USDA Forest Service vehicle from the Hudson-Meng Center to Montrose, NE – site of the Battle of Warbonnet. Participants should be comfortable driving on gravel roads for periods of half an hour. Please wear appropriate foot wear and clothing, as walking through tall grass will occur. Call ahead in case of inclement weather.

If you’re interested in learning about the Battle of Warbonnet, the Great Sioux Wars, and Buffalo Bill Cody, please join us Saturday, September 13th at 5:00 pm.

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